Using Link Wheels for a Business Website

The Internet is increasingly being used by more and more people for nearly everything. It offers people a convenience that was not afforded to them in years past. With the increasing number of Internet users, businesses both large and small have extended their business to include the Internet. These businesses have created or plan to create a website that features their goods and service for sale on the Internet. Creating a business website is only the beginning. Much like with a physical store location, business must attract potential customers to their website. One way that businesses are attracting visitors to their website is by using link wheels.

Link wheels are a search engine optimization technique that utilizes a large number of websites that are randomly linked back to the target website, the business website. The linking of these websites works in two ways. The first and most common use of link wheels is to increase the search query list rankings of the site. Search engines use a variety of factors to determine how far up or down a site is on a search query list. One of the factors used to determine this is the number of back links to a website from other websites.

The importance of ranking high on a search query list is crucial to a business website. Each ranking above the business website’s rank is a competitor to it. In most cases, an Internet user who performs a search query will work their way from the top of the list and work their way down if they do not find what they want on the preceding website. The first website that provides what the user is looking for is likely to be the one that gains the user’s business. By using link wheels on a business website, it can increase the website’s ranking and in turn increase the likelihood that the user making the search query will use that website for their purchasing needs.

The second way that link wheels benefit a business website is it can increase the exposure of the business website outside of a search query. Link wheels are set up to randomly link a large number of Web 2.0 websites to each other and the target website. When properly configured, the content on the Web 2.0 sites can attract visitors to the target website. For example, an individual may take the time to read an article or blog post on a new piece of technology. That same article provides the individual with links to the business website where he or she can purchase the item.

Business sites can benefit greatly by using link wheels. It can increase exposure for the business as well as increase the ranking of the site in a search query list. The more visitors a website receives, the greater opportunity for the website to gain new customers and in turn increase the revenue for the business.

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